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Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Story So Far...

Within my bubble I have: 

Husband (AKA Dr. Evil)
Henry (2 nearly 3)(AKA Mini-Me)
Louis (5 months)

I put on a shed load of weight in my pregnancy with Henry, I felt hideous, so much so I couldn't bear having my photo taken and now regret the lack of photos I have of his birth and the weeks that followed. 

I lost the weight following the Exante diet solidly for 6 months, shedding 3.5 stone to get to my target weight. I then maintained this weight loss for 18 months following Weight Watchers to begin with and then Slimming World.

When I then fell pregnant with Louis I vowed to never get in a similar state again...I clearly don't do being pregnant well as I still gained nearly 2.5 stone - not as bad I know but still leaving a huge task to get back to 'me' and undoing the hard work of the previous year and a half.

That pretty much brings you up to date, I am currently back to hardcoring the Exante diet. The relaxed approach just doesn't work with me, I need the stringent lines a diet like Exante brings - there is no in-between you either do it right or not. 

I want to get back to target weight by Xmas - all being well i will achieve this and then i can have a break over crimbo to eat, drink and be merry. 

I only have a stone to go 5 months post birth...but this last stone is a bugger to shift. Sticking to a diet when you're trying to get back to yourself, look after a baby, manage a toddler and still have a life is not easy. Sometimes you need something more than just the urge to lose weight it takes a big occasion/event to get your head in the game (part of the reason behind this blog) but read on to hear what the ultimate goal is...


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