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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

What's This Shizzle All About?


You may be wondering why you should bother reading another entry into the already over-saturated 'mum blog' is why I think you should:

1. Having 2 children under the age of 3 I value the honesty of other parents over anything else these days. Gone are the romantic ideas of what having children will be like; as every day seems to now bring a new challenge. Too many accounts I see still paint an unrealistic view of the parenting world, making people feel inadequate and shitty about their own attempts. I would like to be a person that can reassure you that your children are not the worst behaved or that your parenting is falling short and that the tantrums and piss stains on the sofa happen to us all!

2. A lot of blogs are heartfelt essays (nothing wrong with that.) I am going to try and bring a bite-size slice of mum banter to your life, content that you can sit and take in during those precious minutes of the day when you get to drink a cold cup of tea or eat the scraps your toddler has refused.

3. Writing is a good therapy for me. I'm indulging my need to vent, share and moan about my kids, husband, bitchy mums at baby groups and my constant need to diet in order to maintain an acceptable mum bod, so even if only a handful of people actual read this - its OK!

4. Note to all readers - no matter how much I moan and bitch about my kids/ husband I do love them to bits and they are amazing (unlike the bitches at various kids groups - they really do deserve all the abuse I will throw at them.)

5. I will be reviewing and rating various products on this blog, please remember I am not a professional photographer - I am a mum who has to make the choice between brushing her hair or doing her make up each if I can be arsed to set up the perfect white background and stylish shot of a dummy or a nappy etc. I will however be brutally honest as to how good and useful something actually you can decide whats more important.

Let's go!



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