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Saturday, 17 December 2016

REVIEW: Baby Brains vs. Mind Games

No scientist could ever convince me having children doesn't affect your brain... 

  • Hours of disturbed sleep (or lack of). 
  • Added responsibility. 
  • Constant demands.
  • Lack of time to focus on your own self. 
Even my DD (science GCSE not bra size) can see that will have a detrimental effect on a persons mental ability whether man, woman or beast we're all a little more 'Densa' than 'Mensa'. 

For me even the mere thought of not having to parent for a few hours is joyful. Its so rare to actually get a couple of 'non-responsible' hours off where I don't have to be the sensible, well tempered, non swearing mum I'd like to think I am. Imagine my delight when I was recently gifted my first ever spa day! The whole concept blew my mind; this was 8 hours to sit, relax and do whatever I wanted - I could even sit and do nothing if i wanted! 

Since then I have advocated all future gifts for myself or other parents to be of the 'me time' variety. A spa isn't going to appeal to everyone though; and for men especially its tough to find a gift which is enjoyable without involve drink, food or sport.

But after hours of searching Google and Groupon...I FOUND ONE! 

Live escape rooms offer groups of friends a challenging mind puzzle to solve while immersed in a real life scenario. Locked in a room with your team you must work together in order to escape within 1 hour. With different rooms and scenarios available they're designed to test all abilities or ages - but will always require team work.

Trappd is our most local set of rooms(Leicestershire/Northamptonshire)they currently offer 3 to choose from:
  • Area 51 - escaping a compound with files showing proof of alien lifeforms.
  • Maine State Prison - escaping the most secure and worst prison on earth.
  • Motel - escaping the clutches of a sadistic serial killer who happens to be the motel owner.

For my husbands birthday I teamed up with another set of parents and booked us in to Maine State Prison. I can honestly say it was one of the best gift decisions I have ever made! Its hard for me to review without going into too much detail and potentially spoiling a future experience for you, so here's the facts...
  • You have 60 minutes from entering your room to escape.
  • Everything around you is or could be a potential clue. 
  • Various types of problem solving are required to crack each stage of the it mathematical, logical, physical or mental.
  • It is as realistic as it can be without being dangerous.
  • You are constantly monitored via CCTV and clues can be administered to help you if you are struggling at any point. 

Prior to entering we were very clear on what we thought each of our strengths would be and being the competitive soul I am, I really wanted to try and get out without using any clues. Once in the situation though pre-thought tactics will quickly elude you and natural instinct takes over. We did need clues - but I was surprised to discover they did not take away from the fun of the challenge as they're so cryptic they don't make it easier. Believe me when you're in there with the time ticking away the worst case scenario is putting all that work in and not getting out! As for the scary scale...I'd say I am not someone who is easily spooked, but there were moments which caused audible screams - don't underestimate the powers of those in control and your own imagination! 

We escaped within the hour (49 minutes and 15 seconds), could have been quicker but missed something vital early on. 

Overall the whole experience was a fantastically different and affordable way to spend time with friends that leaves you thirsty for more! We will be returning to tackle the other rooms in 2017! 


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