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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Now That's What I Call A Theme Tune!

This is a quick but controversial post - a little bit of fun to brighten your day. I think its likely to divide people more than Mr. Trump himself (big statement).

The 80's was an epic decade for many reasons, but I want to focus on its awesome kid's TV theme tunes. Listening back to the ones on my list, they've clearly had a lot of time, money and thought put in...3 words I could not bring myself to say about the Peppa Pig theme tune even if you paid me. 

If you're lucky enough to be too young to be familiar with these, or your brain is frazzled by a baby/toddler/children to remember then please take a moment to click the link and enjoy 😄

1. The Wuzzles
I would give my front teeth to get Henry into this. Brilliant concept and so cute!
"Ooooooooh they got originality, living with a split personality."

1. Duck Tales
I couldn't split the top two...both catchy, both lyrically suited to the characters and the shows - pure Disney perfection.

3. Chip and Dale
Its a pure coincidence these are all Disney so far, maybe they just had all the big money to spend or it could just be the Disney legacy of fantastic musical arranging!?

4. Inspector Gadget
I was obsessed with this when I was young, literally wanted to be Penny. Even named my dog after her, they've since remade this and made it all modern...they've ruined it.

5. Gummi Bears
The last Disney offering but one of those tunes I can remember singing with friends at primary school. Good times.

6. Thundercats
Pure 80's tune...I think they've also remade and ruined this ☹️.

7. The Racoons
This song was, and still is far too big for a cartoon. Makes me feel a bit emotional even now! Beautiful!

8. Bucky O'Hare
Way ahead of its time! Rabbits in space fighting off intergalactic toads (makes Macka Packa and Iggle Piggle look tame).
"Lets croak us some toads!"

9. Count Duckula
Beautifully British and catchy as hell! Anything with David Jason involved is a winner...(perhaps not Pip Ahoy though?!)

10, Sharky and George
Another one which we used to sing in the playground, looking back now it was so obviously French - never noticed it at the time. Hasn't aged as well as the rest but still a classic! 

Kids these days...don't know what they missed! 

Any issues with any of these - please feel free to take it up with me on here or on social media 😉

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