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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Merry Christmas....Enjoy The Microwave!

Yes, you have read the title of this post correctly. My husband feels that as a woman, wife and mother I would want a microwave as a gift 😒.

He is not a bad person or husband; in the same way that I am not a greedy, materialistic cow-bag. I'm extremely lucky to have a loyal and caring man helping me through the day to day struggles of life. It just feels like he no longer feels the need to try and do heartfelt things.

He can do romantic things. 

He can put thought into presents.

He used to before the engagement ring took its place on my finger nearly 5 years ago! Could it be this romantic ritual of lifelong commitment that renders the end of romance as we (think) we know it?

Should a gift for a loved one always be meaningful and well thought? Or is a practical, useful gift just as good?

    My own mother told me I was ungrateful in turning my nose up at the microwave...but not one of my friends could keep a straight face. 

    Am I unreasonable? 

    Do I expect too much? 

    I do question my judgement...but then to my amusement whilst watching Emmerdale over Christmas a story unfolded of a husband buying his wife a kettle for Christmas - to much disagreement and hilarity. My husband of course found this hilarious, as if it had cemented his place in the comedy hall of fame. 

    He has form though, check out previous offending articles: 


    (Bought in lime green)

    • These were birthday presents bought 2 months after an amazingly romantic and well planned secret proposal...the link between these two items is that the retail park nearest our house at the time had both an Argos and Sports Direct.

    • My 30th birthday gift 2 years post-proposal...mirrors are now a great bone of contention in our house and he will always try to get one in to prove its an OK present.
    The irony of the situation at Christmas just gone was that I'd bought him something I knew he'd truly love. A hospitality day at his beloved Leicester City FC on the booze with some mates. I had taken time to find him something he wouldn't get to do every day and really enjoy. In contrast to what would have faced me, a kitchen appliance which would reflect my own disgusted reflection back to me every day.  

    Luckily the microwave was never purchased, the moguls who invented Black Friday bought him some time to revise the original plan, as I'm sure you can imagine my face when he said he wanted to go and get me a microwave on that Friday a couple of weeks before Christmas.

    Whether my husband is just lazy, complacent or simply too practical to now put thought into my presents - please do not let it happen to you! 

    Be clear.

    Drop hints.

    Sometimes they all need a little help...

    It doesn't need to break the bank - she probably just wants a gift which in someway represents your that a song with nice words, a photo of you together, or even just an evening without the kids! 


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    1. My boyfriend bought me a wok for my 30th and a Kmix the year after; I use them both all the time now lol x
      Holly ∣ Closingwinter


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