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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Note to self...

If you could have a super power, which would you choose? 

Psychic abilities, invisibility, x-ray vision, super strength? 

I'd love the power of instant hindsight. To not make really stupid decisions, waste time or money on things like:
  • Spending £50+ a month on a mobile phone bill in my early 20's.
  • Eating takeaways everyday for the first few months of uni. 
  • Being 'friends' with people I knew I didn't like.
  • Not putting into my pension until I was 25.
  • Having a full on fringe cut into my thin, shapeless hair and then pairing it with hooped earrings.
Instant hindsight would make me rich beyond my wildest dreams, a better person and have a few less grey hairs. Wouldn't it?!

Sounds great in theory, but would I really have listened to someone telling me to be sensible, even boring at times? The simple answer to that is NO! I'd of told myself to chill out and to let me enjoy being young! The truth is that I've hit that 'age' where I realise my mother was trying to do that for me...😳
All those times I was told to save money, take my make up off, eat properly and go to my lectures at uni - that was my instant hindsight...trying to steer me in the right direction. I'll admit now my mother obviously had a point, but at the time I really liked the naive bubble I was living in. 

Let's take the man I aspired to marry as an example:
18 year old me...

Marriage material - 18 year old me:
1. Rich
2. Older than me
3. Tall
4. Fun
5. Spontaneous
6. Formula one driver
7. Decisive

Marriage material - 30 something me:
1. Has a job he enjoys so not too grumpy
2. Taller than me
3. Fun
4. Supportive
5. Hands on father
6. Handy with practical tasks (DIY, mechanics, gardening etc)
7. Replaces toilet roll when needed

Quite a contrast; 18 year old me was shallow, unaware and totally clueless to what actually mattered in 'real life'. 

In hindsight, instant hindsight probably wouldn't be that great. Without all the poor decisions, bad haircuts and wastes of money I could still be living a very naive life.

If I'm destined (or already heading) to being my mother then I may as well wish for a better super power...definitely going to go for the ability to teleport - that way I never have to undertake a long car or plane journey with my kids EVER again. That's much more valuable!

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