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Friday, 27 October 2017

Blame it on the Booby!

Before I birthed my first child, still in the wonderfully naïve stage of motherhood I faced the first of many NCT antenatal class ice breakers...

What is the worst thing about pregnancy so far?

Of all the possible things I could of said (feel free to think of your own response) I answered instantly with MATERNITY BRAS.

I do not regret the swiftness of that response even now 4 years on! Why so offensive, you may wonder?! 

Being a 'lucky' FF/G cup the bra market is still limited so the minute you step out of your comfort zone into the realms of 'specialist' bras such as maternity, sports or post surgery you will encounter the following:

- little to no choice
- a range with NO sex appeal (or appealing features at all)
- expensive alternatives which will bankrupt you
- sizing based on nothing more than your clothes size (doesn't work for really doesn't please stop doing this high street stores!

In pregnancy I found some comfy bras which did the job (and not a lot more) but hated every day of wearing them. I was overjoyed to get past the breastfeeding stage and back into my supportive, trusted and attractive underwear and carry on as before.

Then I got breast cancer and I have found myself more and more detached from my breasts; I haven't physically felt the lump since the day I was diagnosed for fear of getting obsessed with it and its size, I really struggle to feel any desire to show them off as an asset - most of the time the thought of wearing an underwired bra is repulsive.
On my bad days this is my way of preparing for the worst; if I require a single or double mastectomy I have to face the fact that they'll be gone, I may be left with nothing or readjust to a whole new body - so why not just disassociate now...bit like saying a short, swift goodbye rather than dragging it out. On good days when I feel relatively normal I know this is not the way to continue - I still have a life now, I still go out, I still wear clothes so I need to make the most of all I have for as long as I have it and post treatment and surgery I will have got my life back and I want to be able to love the body I'm fighting so hard to get healthy.

The solution?

Online shopping of course!

I went in search of some 'sexy', comfortable and correctly sized non-wired bras suitable for cup sizes larger than a DD. All hail the brave and wonderful body positive ladies on Instagram who model ACTUAL, AFFORDABLE and WELL FITTING DD+ lingerie - there is hope out there!

I managed to find three absolutely perfect bras in one place an online underwear supplier called
Tutti Rouge so I placed my order and hoped they’d be as good as they looked. 

At this point I think it’s necessary to tell you I PAID for all three of the items I’m about to tell you about. I have no affiliation to the brand - this is purely a review to help others in search of similar items if they are wanting/needing to move away from underwired products.

Oh, and also I'm no underwear please excuse the amateur shots - I hope they help give an idea of the bras in real life.

1. The ‘Ashley’ is a bralette which you pull over the head (so no back clasp), it has adjustable straps, an underband (that doesn't ride up) and a wrap style front extra support.

2. The ‘Madison’ a bra in a mix of animal print and lace - again featuring a good underband (keeps its shape and doesn't ride up), adjustable straps and back clap to alter the fit.

3. The ‘Taylor’ a pull over the head longline bralette. Has no adjustable straps or back clasp but very comfortable to wear and still supportive. The cup has slight
padding for additional shape.

Having worn all three both in and out of the house I can fully recommend you give them a try if you are looking for a comfortable alternative to an underwired bra. They are true to size, affordable and they still give you a good shape with enough support to keep the 'saggy maggie' feeling at bay. 

If you need some non-wired comfort - TRY THESE!

More please Tutti Rouge!


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