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Friday, 8 June 2018

Post Surgery Fashion: George @ Asda

I'm now 5 months post surgery and life with one 'normal' boob and one 'altered' boob is still a learning curve when it comes to clothing. The threats of Summer are getting more frequent and the need to wear less in order to stay cool (and keep hot flushes under control) is a very real issue.
I have already braved the 'first swimsuit since surgery' moment and was surprised with how at ease I felt with my lymph node removal scar and radiation tattoos being visible. People's eyes are now drawn to me for a whole new reason, they instantly know I've had cancer...I don't mind it, but I know it makes others feel awkward (which makes me feel awkward) and i’d much prefer people to come and ask all the questions it instantly conjures like:
  • are you going to die?
  • how did you find out?
  • what treatment have you had?
  • are you ok?
Not everyone is like me, I know there are loads in the cancer club who would much rather keep it a private matter and just live without the constant reminder of it. That's why the clothing options available for those recovering and moving on are SO important. My previous post 'Don't blame it on the booby' explored the range of non wired 'normal' looking post surgery bras and underwear available; I had found some great options (I still wear them now) which were comfortable, inexpensive and available in realistic sizes. 
Following that, I was absolutely thrilled to be invited to a focus group with the designers at George at Asda to discuss their range of post surgery clothes. It was all about how they could make it more customer friendly, they’d invited ladies of all ages and stages of the breast cancer journey to discuss their different needs - it brought up some great feedback and discussion points on what was being designed and things needed for future collections.

Personally I had never really looked at George when I was considering my own post surgery wear, simply because the things I had seen in store always looked a bit 'granny' and were never in the FF bra sizing I needed - so I gave up. I raised all this at the session and was advised that online George offers most styles in everything up to a G cup, I was also delighted to see even the over 60's in attendance saying that all the styles were very frumpy and lacking any excitement or colour. In short we all wanted the same thing - the same clothes and designs as the normal collection, just with modifications for the various restrictions surgery brings.

They were so keen to improve their collections everything was taken down to be considered and worked on in future. Some of the top suggestions that came up were things like:
  • front fastenings
  • items which don't require being pulled over head
  • lowering the sides so not to interfere with lymph node removal site
  • optional and removable padding for single/double mastectomy and lumpectomy breast changes
It was greatly positive and I can't wait to see the results!

For now here are some of my favourite bits from the current collection:



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