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Tuesday, 7 August 2018

The Chemo Diaries: Part 1.1

"Opportunities are rarely offered; they're seized." - Sheryl Sandberg

23rd August 2017: Days past chemo -----> 1

I spoke (or wrote) too soon last night, I had gone downhill by 7pm 😬.

My chemo started at 2pm and I was done by 4pm, I'd felt fine and stupidly cocky come home and had a celebratory chips and curry sauce from the chip shop. BIG MISTAKE.

7pm came and I was hit by terrible nausea, I took myself to bed and tried to sleep it out. Things got worse and by 11pm my husband was on the phone to the hospital for help to work out which (if any) anti-sickness drugs I could take as I battled the overwhelming urge to be sick...too scared to even open and close my eyes the sensation was that bad.

My biggest advice at this point is to never be too proud or scared to call the emergency helpline number they give you - never just suffer in silence! That one call helped us take some control of the situation. I then managed to sleep through and woke up feeling LOADS better!

So far today, so good...evening nausea did return though but luckily I had saved my good anti-sickness to overcome this. Still makes me scared to even attempt an evening meal after the chips and curry sauce fiasco - but night 2 was nowhere near as bad as night 1.

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