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Friday, 7 September 2018

The Week That Will Change Cancer Forever?

This week has been incredibly the space of 3 days I have seen messages informing of the deaths of 2 fabulous ladies who I knew via social media. These days a DM here and a DM there is the equivalent of a cup of tea at your mates house catching up on all the gossip!

Both ladies were aged 40 or under, both had children under 5 and both had been taken by triple negative breast cancer...remind you of anyone?

Yeah....ME - so it was all very close to home!

2 golden examples of how lucky I am and to stop sweating the small stuff, get my arse in gear and get living! I'm not going to lie, its scary - of all my 'cancer' friends there are more dealing with or /have dealt with reoccurrence than haven't and even fewer who have reached the golden 5 year mark where you would be deemed 'cured'.

Knowing this makes it hard to stay positive and not second guess every niggle, twinge and change you feel in your body. Its a fear we'll all live with forever - that's why I'm trying to live my life differently by getting out doing some exercise, eating differently and doing stuff that I wouldn't of done before the bastard C knocked at my door; I have never been so busy! Anyway enough doom and gloom, if you're obsessed or fascinated with death go read my previous blog where I talk about it exclusively here. It is sad but I know neither of those ladies would want us wallowing.

The amazing thing to happen this week is the amount of coverage cancer has had in the press and other media outlets, you've literally been unable to avoid it. Some may think its a gloomy area of discussion, but those would be the types that are happy to live in denial that this will never effect them in some way. That is not the way to tackle this beast...the odds are not good: 1 in 2 will now have to deal with cancer in their life time so even if its not you, its likely to be a significant other friend or family member - so open your ears and listen to all that is being said!

The wonderful legacy Rachael Bland has left via her Big C, Little Me blog and You, Me, Big C Podcast is that everything is discussed. Nothing is too much and its all in real terms, by real people, with  humour and accessible by all.
Nothing to be scared of - just lots of examples of courageous, quick witted humans trying to inadvertently save your life and prevent you having to go through what they have through the medium of friendship and having a laugh.

Its not hard is it? Whatever your preferred style of communication you have a foot in the door now - get checking, get talking and spread the word because you are not going to get away with this one!

We're in this to win for everyone - not just glorify our own experiences! Listen and learn from the cancer community, plain and simply put by the podcast trio: this really is the coolest club you don't want to be part of!

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